Computational Methods

This course is offered to second-year undergraduate students with the major of Electrical Engineering and its Automation, at College of Electrical Engineering, Zhejiang University.

As the course is given in Chinese, please refer to Chinese page for details.

This course was recognized as outstanding undergraduate course by Zhejiang University in 2020 and by Zhejiang Province in 2021. It was ranked top 20% in teaching quality assessment and recognized as outstanding undergraduate course by College of Electrical Engineering, ZJU in 2022-2023 acacademic year.

Spring 2024: This course is expected to offer offline as normal.

Spring 2023: This course is expected to offer offline as normal.

Spring 2022: Yes, this course is offered offline as normal.

Spring 2021: Due to temporary job change, the class instructed by Dr. Geng is cancelled. Please consider to attend Dr. Huanhai Xin's or Dr. Taiying Zheng's classes instead.

Spring 2020: Due to the impact of coronavirus, the course is offered online. Please find the course page on Learning in ZJU.

Spring 2019: Please find the slides, homeworks and lab instructions of this course from this ZJU Cloud Sharing Link, ZJU account login will be required.

Power System Analysis and Computation

Dr. Geng is offering the course of Power System Analysis and Computation in Spring 2023. This course is specially designed for Master/Doctor of Engineering students with the focus of professional practice. International students are also welcomce to attend this course as it is offered in bilingual.

2023: The course is offered for the first time in Spring semester. In 2023, this course is sponsored by Graduate Course Development Grant (Professional Degree) of Zhejiang University.

Spring 2024: This course is expected to offer offline as normal.

Power System Operation Analysis

Dr. Geng is offering the course of Power System Operation Analysis in Fall 2018. This course is offered in English (incl. lectures, assignments and projects) to graduate students with the research focus on power systems, at College of Electrical Engineering, Zhejiang University.

All international students in the program of electrical engineering are encouraged to take this course to fulfill graduate degree credit requirement. Domestic students are also welcome, since this course is expected to be replacable to the course with the same name but given in Chinese.

This course was supported in part by 2020 ZJU Graduate School Course Textbook Sponsorship.

Spring 2023: This course is no longer offered since 2023. For students in academic degree program, please go to the course with the same name offered by Dr. Quanyuan Jiang instead. For students in professional degree program, please go to the course of "Power System Analysis and Computation" newly offered by Dr. Guangchao Geng.

Fall 2022: In this semester, this course will be offered in bilingual for academic degree graduate students.

Spring 2022: Yes, this course is offered offline as normal.

Spring 2021: Due to temporary job change, the course is offered online during weekends.

Spring 2020: Due to the impact of coronavirus, the course is offered online. Please find the course page on Learning in ZJU.

Fall 2018: Please find the syllabus of the course here. [Syllabus-Fall2018.pdf]

Senior Design

Dr. Geng offers multiple senior design positions in his research group for fourth-year undergraduate students. The areas and typical topics (all with background in electrical engineering) include:

For the students enrolled in the senior design, office and lab space will be provided. You will take advantage of the facility at our lab. Necessary reimbursement for research material expense will be offered.

Feel free to contact Dr. Geng if you have interest in any topics above.

Senior Design Projects Advising in 2023-2024

  1. Cluster Prediction for Solar Photovoltaic Generation Stations, 3200104306.
  2. Design of Non-Intrusive Unified Detection Platform for Energy Storage Battery (Co-Advisor), 3200100547.
  3. Microgrid Intelligent Operation Strategy based on Reinforcement Learning (Co-Advisor), 3200102641.
  4. Revenue Analysis of Commercial Energy Storage System (Co-Advisor), 3200103907.

Senior Design Projects Advising in 2022-2023

  1. Software Development of Photovoltaic Generation and Energy Storage System Income Analysis in Low-Carbon Emission Buildings, 3190101871.
  2. Surrogate Model of Power System Transient Stability: Method and Applications, 3190106042.
  3. Algorithm Performance Benchmark Set Design for Security-Constrained Unit Commitment, 3190102548.
  4. Design and Development of Group Prediction System for Solar Photovoltaic Generation Stations using Stream Computing (Co-Advisor), 3190104041.
  5. Business Scheme Design of Multi-Type Clean Energy Generation Aggregator (Co-Advisor), 3190100484.
  6. Multi-Physics Simulation for Energy Storage Battery using COMSOL Software (Co-Advisor), 3190104830.
  7. Li-Ion Battery Aging Status Evaluation Algorithm Design using X-Ray Computational Tomography (Co-Advisor), 3190102026.
  8. Modeling and Electro-Magnetic Simulation of Three-Phase Power Conversion System for Energy Storage (Co-Advisor), 3190104119.
  9. Big Data based Charging Behavior Analysis for Residential Electric Vehicle Group (Co-Advisor), 3190102183.

Senior Design Projects Advising in 2021-2022

  1. Business Scheme of Shared Energy Storage: Design and Analysis, 3180106062.
  2. Online Learning and Distributed Control for Residential Demand Response, 3180106101.
  3. Operational Bottleneck Identification and Energy Storage Allocation Software: Design and Development, 3180102811.
  4. Parallel Computing for Power System Dynamic State Estimation, 3180105674.
  5. Battery Degradation Mechanism Analysis and Modelling for Battery Energy Storage Systems (Co-Advisor), 3180103319.
  6. Characteristic Feature Analysis Method Design for Non-Intrusive Load Monitoring (Co-Advisor), 3180101854.
  7. Operational Data Visualization System Development for Battery Energy Storage System (Co-Advisor), 3180102266.
  8. Demand Response Transaction System Design based on Blockchain (Co-Advisor), 3180105859.

Senior Design Projects Advising in 2020-2021

  1. Design and Development of Power System Internet of Things Simulator, 3170105098.
  2. Design and Development of Scale-Down Test Bed for Battery Energy Storage Systems, 3170102365.
  3. SCADA Data System Design for Battery Energy Storage Systems, 3170104126.
  4. Consensus based Distributed Energy Management Algorithm Development for Microgrid, 3170105813.
  5. Data Driven Electricity Usage Prediction for Campus-level Microgrid, 3170105676.
  6. Artificial Intelligence based Dynamic Parameter Estimation for Synchronous Generator (Co-Advisor), 3170100968.
  7. Interactive Front-End Design and Development for Cloud-based Electricity Utilization Monitoring System of Smart Community (Co-Advisor), 3170105351.
  8. Structure Design and Prototype Development of IoT Sensing Device for Low-Voltage Distribution System (Co-Advisor), 3170104779.
  9. Big Data Analytics Algorithm for Battery Energy Storage System Secure Operation (Co-Advisor), 3170105057.
  10. Operational Flexibility Assessment and Energy Storage Dispatch Algorithm Development for Distribution Systems (Co-Advisor), 3170102626.

Senior Design Projects Advising in 2019-2020

  1. Solar Generation Prediction using Multi-Sources Heterogeneous Data Fusion, 3160103070.
  2. Fast Inference of Power System Small-Signal Stability using Artificial Intelligence, 3150105814.
  3. Energy Storage Requirement Assessment for Urban Active Distribution Network, 3160100820.
  4. Non-Invasive Multi-Conductor Current Sensor Development for Internet of Things in Power Systems, 3160102130.
  5. Load Data Acquisition and its System Design based on Power Line Communication (Co-Advisor), 3160104238.
  6. Load Data Integration and Profiling based on Time-Series Database (Co-Advisor), 3160105852.
  7. Low-Voltage Load Deep Awareness based on Big Data Technology (Co-Advisor), 3160103029.

Senior Design Projects Advising in 2018-2019

  1. Deep and Synthetic Awareness for Low-Voltage Electric Loads, 3150104051.
  2. Edge-Cloud Interactive Computational Platform for Smart Electricity Utilization, 3150104276.
  3. Harmonic Source Tracing in Distribution Network using Sensor Network, 3150103573.
  4. Energy Storage Optimal Allocation Method and Planning Tools Development, 3150102968.
  5. Distrbuted and Coordinated Control for Active Distribution Network with Soft Opening Switches (Co-Advisor), 3150104056.
  6. Power System Uncertainty Analysis using Quantum Computing (Co-Advisor), 3130103878.
  7. Batched Data Generation Algorithm Development for Power System Study (Co-Advisor), 3150300083.

Senior Design Projects Advising in 2017-2018

  1. Non-Invasive Power Quality Monitor Development for Home Electric Appliances, 3140104214.
  2. Long-Distance Contactless Current Sensor Design for Transmission/Distribution Lines, 3140103340.
  3. Dynamic State Estimation using Kalman Filter for Power Systems (Co-Advisor), 3140103109.
  4. Transmission Line Fault Locating based on Embedded Artificial Intelligence (Co-Advisor), 3140103879.
  5. Non-parametric Bayesian Neuron Classification Algorithm (Co-Advisor), 3140100684.

Student Research Training Program (SRTP)

Please refer to the topics in senior design if you are looking for an SRTP project (and/or advisor). Feel free to contact Dr. Geng if you like working in related areas for your SRTP project.

SRTP Advising in 2023-2024

  1. Software Development of Revenue Evaluation of User-Side Power Energy Storage System, Y202304116.
  2. Electric Vehicle Smart Charging Pile Prototype Development with "Cloud-Pile-Vehicle" Coordination, Y202304117.

SRTP Advising in 2022-2023

  1. Power System Dynamic State Estimation Based on Heterogeneous Computing Acceleration, 2022R401032
  2. Cluster Analysis of Photovoltaic Power Plant Output Based on Big Data Mining, X2022077
  3. Digital Controlled Lithium-Ion Battery Holder based on X-Ray CT, X2022089

SRTP Advising in 2021-2022

  1. Non-Invasive Energy Storage Battery Health Condition Sensor, 2021R401050
  2. Non-Intrusive Low-Voltage Cable Condition Monitoring Sensor, 2021R401049
  3. Mini-Simulator of Battery Energy Storage System, X20210124
  4. Health Evaluation Device based on Infrared Thermal Imaging (Co-Advisor), 2021R401046

SRTP Advising in 2020-2021

  1. Low-Voltage User-Side Smart IoT Sensor, 2020R401054
  2. Big Data Enabled State of Health Monitoring for Electrochemistry based Energy Storage Systems, X20200119
  3. Optimal Dispatch Algorithm Development for Active Distribution Network, X20200127

SRTP Advising in 2019-2020

  1. High-Risk Electric Appliance Detection in University Student Dormitory using NILM, 201910335047
  2. Wireless Sensor Network for Smart Electrical Utilization Monitoring, X2019144
  3. Performance Evaluation of State-of-the-art Sparse Solvers for Power System Matrices, Y201918090

SRTP Advising in 2018-2019

  1. Fast Inference of Power System Transient Stability using Artificial Intelligence, X20180117
  2. Electrical Utilization Monitoring System for Smart Homes using NB-IoT Technology, X20180131

China Electrotechnical Society - Electrical& Electronic Engineering Innovation Competition

3rd Competition (2024)

  1. Orderly Charging Control System for Electric Vehicle Cluster based on Smart Meter
  2. Digital Twin-Driven Regional Power Grid Autonomous Operation Navigation Software

2nd Competition (2023)

  1. Online Intelligent Control Decision Software for New Type Power System, National Third Prize
  2. Non-Intrusive Multi-Core Cable Current Sensor, East China Regional First Prize

1st Competition (2022)

  1. Safety Detection of Non-Invasive Lithium-Ion Energy Storage Battery, National Third Prize
  2. High-Performance Dynamic State Estimation of Power System for Digital Twin and its Prototype Development, East China Regional Second Prize

Recent Updates

  • Jul 08, 2024

    Our research work “Feasible-Enabled Integer Variable Warm Start Strategy for Security-Constrained Unit Commitment” was recently accepted by International Journal of Electrical Power and Energy Systems.

  • Jun 25, 2024

    Our research work Convergence Enhancement for Neural Network Integrated Power System Time Domain Simulation was recently accepted by IEEE Transactions on Power Systems.

  • Mar 13, 2024

    Dr. Geng was recently awarded 2023 Outstanding Faculty Member by Zhejiang University.

  • Feb 20, 2024

    Our research project “EV-Pile-Grid Collaborative Interaction based on Ubiquitous Electric Metering Infrastructure: Key Technologies and Applications” recently won 2023 Qianjiang Energy Science and Technology First-Class Award.

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